The votive candle is also known to be the prayer candle which is smaller in size; eventually in the white color offering an act of the act of the Christian prayer which includes the Anglican and Roman Catholic Christian denominations. These candles are commonplace in most of the Churches. The overall size is about two inches tall and about half inches in the diameter. It can be significantly taller and wider. In both of the Hinduism and Buddhism, the offerings include the divas and butter lamps. Generally, the votive candles are made from the different waxes which include the paraffin, soy wax including the beeswax. There are different types of waxes along with the different melting points. Generally, it is said to be that the Paraffin is mixed with the other type of the waxes like the beeswax including the vegetable wax. In order to obtain the right rigidity, this factor is the most necessary one. The entire speed of the candle burning depends on the composition of the wax. Some of the candles have their own formula such as the pillar candles including the larger candles often with the multiple wicks. The jar candles have the lower melting point and the candle quality varies totally differently and it also depends on the candle maker.